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I combined scientific, pragmatic and spiritual proven laws of prosperity to create a powerful combo in which I empower you to change your beliefs about money, change your focus from lack to abundance so that you find opportunities to make much money than you currently do.

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  • You will get rid of your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • You will rebuild your self confidence
  • You will feel more optimistic and positive
  • You will have a less traumatic relation to money
  • You will learn to bring in more money
  • You will learn to control and eliminate stress and anxiety
  • You will learn to create a budget and save money
  • And much much more
A miracle? A miracle?

“Miracles or coïncidences ? Some will say they are only coincidences or a logical outcome of past events. Some will say that none of what happened in my life can be proven. I say, Slavica's method WORKS !!!!!!!!! I found her by accident in 2013 (but there are no accidents) and I am so thankful that the Universe helped me to find you… My vision on life changed and the way I saw my financial situation changed as well. I stopped seing my debt as a bottomless pitt. And debts? Boy did I have a lot of them …. Maxed credit lines and credit cards with huge interests. But my biggest debt was linked to a tax reevaluation of my ex-husband and myself. About $200,000 that they were asking us to repay !!! This was back in 2006. We hired a lawyer but nothing had moved since (I know it was a long time). I decided to practice what Slavica taught me and what a surprise. February 2014, i receive a first message from the government that they have reevaluated my debt and lowered it by half. By half!! In march, I receive a check from the government of 1000 dollars!!! Not only that, but my life changed completely in regards to money. I started having ideas on how to make more and more and this is the second consecutive month where I make over $10,000 in one month. Can you believe it!!! I do. And I do more and more. I even started giving generously to some worthy causes. I started giving! I find it so incredible when for years, i was scared of all my debt and never thought I would be able to live in prosperity. Dear Slavica THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! The knowledge you share with us is so precious and your method WORKS!!!!!!! Vesna from France

Incredible! Incredible!

''I just started two weeks ago following your coaching and I decided to open a savings account (following your advice). I needed some documents so I decided to clean up my papers and my income statements. Suddenly, I saw one of my income statements from February 2014. There seem to be a problem with it. The next day, I went to see my boss to show him the mistake I saw. The end of the story is, my boss had forgotten to payee an extra $700. Slavica, I just wanted to tell you that I already gained enough (in only two weeks) to pay for the finances group coaching. And I have some extra cash too. Thank you so much for all you do” Shadia from Japan

En top of it, you get accompanied by a professional coach who will encourage you to continue and answer your questions weekly.

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