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Earn money helping others achieve great results.

You will improve your life substantially and permanently.

From the Desk of Slavica Bogdanov
-Florida, USA

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story...

I want to offer you the opportunity to improve your life and the lives of many others by becoming a success coach.

It is your opportunity to embrace change and follow your dreams. Make a career of coaching!

Learn a new technique that has helped thousands of people worldwide.

This program has been created by Slavica Bogdanov, who has helped thousands of people with a very powerful method. Slavica focuses on what she calls the three pillars: self esteem, goal setting, and time management.  Her method and life are about ''everything is possible.”  With this mantra, she works to inspire, motivate and empower as many people as possible to live life to their fullest potential.  Slavica also encompasses the laws of attraction and prosperity, and developed her own method of commanding one’s brain to achieve success.  She boasts a 95 percent success rate with her life coaching and guarantees that anyone's life can significantly and permanently improve within 30 days if her methods are utilized entirely.  Slavica has a passion for helping others and she can and will help transform your life if given the chance.


A 6-month intensive program where you will learn the best, most effective success methods to achieve any goal while living a happy, stress-free life.


The class is conducted via web twice a week. Each one hour session includes practical exercises so that you are able to implement new habits into your own life for effective results. You will be given a course on:
  • The Law of Attraction secret combination to unlock your infinite power
  • Slavica's powerful method of reprogramming the brain that opens your mind up to all opportunities you need to see and are missing right now
  • Time management and goal setting
  • Meditation and breathing techniques to help you achieve higher levels of tranquility
  • Money management and financial success to help you learn how to increase the money you earn
  • Marketing and utilizing social media to increase your income
  • All you need to know to become a success coach under Attractitude 

             and more...

Slavica Bogdanov has gained enormous notoriety and needs to hire a team of experts to help her help more people.

The coaching class includes:
  • One hour of intense training weekly via web LIVE - this training is taped so you can listen to it over and over again
  • All of Slavica's products and books for one year (a value of over $1,000)
  • Unlimited emails with your questions, which will be personally answered by Slavica
  • A career opportunity at the end of the coaching class where you will be able to earn money working from home

Apply today to attain a great career opportunity...

Here are the top 10 that you will immediately experience...

  • Benefit 1 - Your own life will improve substantially within the first few weeks. You will feel more energized and motivated to improve your own life.
  • Benefit 2 - You will learn to unleash your full potential and experience quantum leaps of success.
  • Benefit 3 - You will be included in a team of positive like-minded individuals who aim to have the best life experience possible.
  • Benefit 4 - You will have the opportunity to earn income helping others live better lives.
  • Benefit 5 - You will be the first to access employment opportunities within the organization.
  • Benefit 6 - Your income will increase.
  • Benefit 7 - You will gain in self confidence and self esteem.
  • Benefit 8 - Your relationships with others will improve.
  • Benefit 9 - You will learn the secrets of instant manifestation, using the Law of Quantum Physics, brain education and the Law of Attraction to attract the best into your life.
  • Benefit 10 - You will be part of a strong organization tied to some leaders in the self development field.

Here are what some of Attractitude coached coaches have to say about the program...

Our coaches are astonished about results they have experienced in their own lives. All have seen major positive changes within the first 2 months. 


“If I must list life’s most wonderful blessings, I would say that this coaching comes right after my kids in the list…It is one of the most amazing gifts I could have possibly offered myself and the results are astonishing!

I receive an invitation for coaching at a moment in my life when I had lost control. I felt I was living the most terrible events.

This coaching arrived like a blessings. Some say, there are no accidents.

I have learned so much and still learn and my life has never been better. I have grown so much and feel so much more empowered and love. I could not be happier.

I strongly suggest that you take attractitude’s coaching and experience happiness to a new level.”


“Miracles or coïncidences ? Some will say they are only coincidences or a logical outcome of past events. Some will say that none of what happened in my life can be proven. I say, Slavica's method WORKS !!!!!!!!! I found her by accident in 2013 (but there are no accidents) and I am so thankful that the Universe helped me to find you… My vision on life changed and the way I saw my financial situation changed as well. I stopped seing my debt as a bottomless pitt. And debts? Boy did I have a lot of them …. Maxed credit lines and credit cards with huge interests. But my biggest debt was linked to a tax reevaluation of my ex-husband and myself. About $200,000 that they were asking us to repay !!! This was back in 2006. We hired a lawyer but nothing had moved since (I know it was a long time). I decided to practice what Slavica taught me and what a surprise. February 2014, i receive a first message from the government that they have reevaluated my debt and lowered it by half. By half!! In march, I receive a check from the government of 1000 dollars!!! Not only that, but my life changed completely in regards to money. I started having ideas on how to make more and more and this is the second consecutive month where I make over $10,000 in one month. Can you believe it!!! I do. And I do more and more. I even started giving generously to some worthy causes. I started giving! I find it so incredible when for years, i was scared of all my debt and never thought I would be able to live in prosperity. Dear Slavica THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! The knowledge you share with us is so precious and your method WORKS!!!!!!!" Vesna from France


Whether you have previous coaching experience or not, this program is accessible to you...

The coaching is accessible at what ever level you are right now. You can be a successful coach and have the intention of developing your knowledge or a beginner just getting into self development and wanting to know more about it.


“I am profoundly thankful to the Universe to have guided me to this coaching at a moment in my life when I needed so desperately. I found a well of information so fascinating and a limitless source of inspiration, condensed energy and motivation. Thank you for your dynamic personality, your spiritual enlightenment, your human quality and your high integrity.'' Violette from France


“I found myself in so much negativity and incredible pessimism. I had tried a lot of things and failed at all of them. In my head, a sentence was playing like a broken record ‘’what’s the point?’’ A friend pointed me to this website and I thought I’d give coaching a try. What an amazing adventure! Believe me! It is worth double, triple the price! Every week, it is like I meet my best friend, a wise one that lead me to a better me, empowered with more self esteem, love of life, tools to master my fears and reach any goal I desire. The results a rein credible. Everyone around me has noticed a change. People tell me I look more calm, self assured, and better. I change, I feel better and better, I smile naturally, I live! Coaching is a thousand times better than a book. Even the best of books because a book cannot answer your personal questions . I recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to change their life in a very positive way!” Fantine Paquier from Switzerland


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