It is easy to blame the environment, the financial situation or a traumatic past whenever we are in a difficult situation. These are all just excuses we use to place the responsibility of all that is wrong in our lives on something or someone other than


If you sit down and meditate for a moment; think about all the times you have complained, you will realize that you are holding something or someone else responsible for your problems.

The fact of the matter is that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Successful people who thrive in all the aspects of life understand this concept and know they are responsible for what happens to them. By improving your skills at responsibilization, you can use the law of attraction to be truly powerful and get what is best for yourself.

It is not easy in the beginning. It is always so easy to blame your misfortunes on others.

It is important to understand that no matter who you are, everyone will experience a hardship at sometime or the other in their lives. No one is ever spared of it.

This is aptly put by Anthony Robbins who says that we wish to have surprises in our lives and love them but we want the surprises to be what we wish for. We rarely want a
surprise that is undesirable. And when we get surprises that we don’t like we label them as problems. According to Anthony, we need the good as well as the bad surprises in
order to grow.

Everyone experiences problems. But it all depends on how you interpret them; how you react to them. How you react to the problems is what defines you as a person.

The economic situation is the same for everyone. While some people succeed and make money, others fail and lose money. So it is not so much about the economic situation but about how you develop your skills to get by in the given circumstances.
It is not difficult to change, to alter the way you think the way you act. As human beings

our best quality is the fact that we are adaptable. We have the ability to learn quickly

and to modify our behavior at any given time. It is the neuroplasticity of our brain that

makes this possible. Therefore, it is not the surrounding environment that is responsible

for the way we choose to live, for the state of our minds or our financial state.

If you look closely at members of the same family who have experienced the same

trauma, you will see that each one reacts differently to the situation and its aftermath.

This behavior is the direct consequence of the way we perceive what we have suffered.

It all comes down to our choices, our reactions and our ideas. While it is true that the

environment makes events happen in our lives, it is we who actually attract them.

So why do we attract them? It is either because we need to learn something out of the

lessons we experience or because we have a bad opinion about ourselves and we think

we deserve what happens to us.

We always have a choice as to how we react to a situation. That makes us fully

responsible for what happens to us. There are no subscriptions for monthly anxiety;

neither are there shops where you can go and buy stress. It is you who cultivate these

feelings and emotions. It is we who are at the core of all attraction. When we assume

responsibility we retake control of our life.

By giving away the responsibility of what happens to us to the government, to our past

or our friends, we actually give away the power to change our lives and improve it.

Once you start taking responsibility and attracting 100% of what happens to your life,

you will realize you have the choice to change everything, starting with the events taking

place around you. You will soon have the power to change what you attract and then you can decide what to attract next.

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