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I will finally reveal what has been helping thousands in France and Europe. My secret to empowering your full potential by combining laws of attraction, prosperity and success with proven methods of rewiring your brain using its neuroplasticity.

Do you want to invest in the future of your kids?

I have launched Attractitude-Kids as the place where you will find all the tools to empower your kids and give them all they need to live their life to their full potential!


A solution for every one of your needs...

''My purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower millions like you all over the world by offering you the best tools possible so you can live your life fully in happiness and peace of mind.''

Slavica Bogdanov has been a successful coach for over a decade and offers you products and services to better every aspect of your life. Attract more wealth, lose weight, find harmony and happiness, determine your purpose, advance in your career, build a printable business, have more free time every day... The list goes on.

We have a solution for every one of your needs!

Slavica has brought together a team of experts to help you in every aspect of your life!

Our Products

  • A 12 hour audio program that helps you achieve anything you want in life using a very specific combination of actions, thoughts and habits designed by Slavica Bogdanov in the course of 6 years of research.


  • Reprogram Your Brain is a 6 hour audio program that helps you change your thinking and improve your life immensely. You become uplifted, happy and in control of your destiny.


  • A 12 week program that will change your financial life forever! The most complete guide to your financial success.


  • Slavica Bogdanov offers you many titles to improve every aspect of your life! A selection that will help you get to where you want to be.


Our Coaching Services

Group Coaching

More affordable than individual coaching, yet more impactful than learning on your own, group coaching offers you the possibility to move in the direction you so desire in your life within a supportive group setting.

  • Want a career in coaching? Slavica Bogdanov's method has helped thousands so far. She coaches coaches to become the future generation of success experts. images-2
  • With accountability and the synergy of a positive group environment, you will more likely implement the method that has already improved thousand of lives. images-2
  • You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. It helps when you have the combination to success offered by someone who has been there and can lead you to your goals. Coming soon...
  • Helping your children get rid of the addiction to the new legal drug: energy drinks.  Coming soon...reserve your spot now by calling 786-617-8727.

Individual Coaching

Slavica Bogdanov has been a success coach for over a decade. She helps individuals improve their lives, achieve their goals, and live with purpose and happiness. You can book a consultation today.

  • There is a specialist ready to solve any of your problems. Contact us at 786-617-8727 to book a free consultation today! images-2
  • A serious problem that can affect every aspect of life, leading you to lose all that really matters to you. Do you suffer from silent desperation? images-2
  • Making sure your kids has all the tools to succeed in life. Everything that is never taught in school.  Coming soon....reserve your spot now by calling 786-617-8727.
  • Whether you have a start up or a large corporation, you may need to get help managing your time, meeting goals and planning a positive future while maintaining a balanced family life. images-2