Are you looking to motivate a team to achieve better results or get tools to increase your employees’ level of productivity?

Are you looking for more then just results, performance but also your employees well being to retain them and increase their enthusiasm?

With over 10 years of public speaking, 15 years as a business developer, team builder, and manager; Slavica will bring energy, useful and applicable concepts, motivation and inspiration to your group.

My areas of expertise are goal setting, time management, the law of attraction and empowering your mental capacities to rewire your brain to achieve what you could not have imagined possible before you met me.

If you need to boost your sales, empower your employees, save time increasing your productivity and margins, or learn how the law of attraction works in the corporate world too; then you should definitely hire me.

Please contact me in advance, as my schedule tends to fill up very quickly.




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