You would like to have your first book written and published but you fear it will take forever and you don't know where to start...

My group coaching is designed to give you all the resources you need to have you write your book, publish it and make money with it...without leaving the comfort of your home...

You want to benefit from being regarded as an expert in your field? That is the power of being a published author!

You want to write a book but don't know where to start? 89% of people are exactly like you, until they get on my group coaching...

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A lot of  organisations charge you insane amounts of money, promising they will get your book published. I have seen some asking up to $10,000! You can save that money...

You should never pay to get your book published!

During my coaching your will learn why and how to publish and get known without having to spend your hard earned cash!

You will learn:

  • Start with your idea, no matter what it may be
  • Find a title or a subject that sells a lot
  • Learn to distinguish yourself from the competition
  • Awaken or develop your creative genius
  • The fundamentals of writing a good book quickly
  • You need not necessarily know how to write
  • Learn to write each chapter so that it captures people's interest
  • Interact with others on the class to get motivated and exchange thoughts
  • Have all your questions answered live
  • Learn how to publish your book on Amazon, kindle, google play and Apple store so you can make money immediately
  • Learn how to get a publisher to be interested in your book
  • Learn how to market your book and sell a lot of copies
  • Learn the most important part...what comes after you publish your book
  • Get interviewed
  • And more....

Whether you have a book in mind or not, you will greatly benefit from this live coaching... and reap the rewards of being a published author...

You will access a complete online course with videos, practical exercises, to do's to complete to stay on track, PDF.

You will be able to get your own personal access and visit the online courses as much as needed or download them on your computer.

You will get all the information needed to go from A to Z.

I share with you my blueprint to becoming a successful author. I also share some industry secrets.

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