Your Handy Personal Weight Loss Coach eBook


A spiritual way to weight loss. A complete system that will increase your self esteem too!

This program has helped me get rid of 8 sizes, over 60 pounds and keep the weight down.
Daily program to make sure you keep being on track, a to-do list easy to follow.

A motivational program to help you loose those pounds and keep them off!

As a professional coach, I thought of combining my coaching methods to a weight loss program that will help you get where you want to be. I will be there with you as read this book. You will be guided every day and you will be able to fill in a journal of your progress.As your personal coach, I will push you, I will encourage you, I will inspire you. But YOU need to do it!
This is a one of a kind program that I fully created. It is meant to increase your self-esteem as you get rid of the unnecessary weight holding you back.

“I used to weight a lot more than I do today. Had a very bad opinion of myself and felt tired. I could not control my hunger. Even though I knew I was eating too much, I didn’t feel I could change on my own. I followed Slavica’s coaching on weight loss, and loved it. There was no diet but strangely, very soon after I started, I felt better and better about myself. Pounds dropped almost by themselves. It was amazing. My friends started noticing that I was much more joyful and enthusiastic about my life. I am so grateful for what I received. The gift of loving my self and my body! Thanks Slavica!” – Steven

“I got rid of 20 pounds after the first month. I feel amazing! I am full of energy and feel good about myself and my life!” – Sandy

I got rid of 10 pounds after the second week thanks to Slavica's coaching on weight loss. But it is more than just loosing the extra pounds! I feel amazing! I am full of energy and feel good about myself and my life! I didn't even feel like I was on a diet or anything like that. I am going her program for good. I love it. It is easy! Thank you! – Stefany

“I had my doubts, I gotta say. I didn't think it would work. I tried so many diets before and failed. I say, alright, let's see about this program. I LOVED IT!! I felt so easy and the daily simple to-dos helped keep on track and not forget what I was supposed to do. So easy. I felt the energy carry me through this! I got rid of the extra weight AND am exited about my life! THANKS!” Josey

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