One of a kind make to measure group coaching for your specific needs!

  • Small business or start-up looking to improve your revenu
  • Sales team looking to improve your income
  • Group of friends wanting to get rid of some excess weight
  • Group of single women wanting to attract the right men
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The only place you will find this!

I build a specific coaching program around your group specific needs. Groups from 5 to 20 individuals.

We discuss what goals you and your group want to achieve and you have a coaching program specifically adapted to do that.

Instantly Progress With This Powerful coaching program...

Since it is made to measure, personalized to your group wants and needs, you get faster results.

  • Increase sales
  • Increase your productivity
  • Manage your time
  • Balance work and play
  • Live a more enjoyable stress free life

Some of the types of group coaching offered

  • Whether you are just starting up or own a small business, you know how important margins are. I offer group coaching designed to increase those profit margins by teaching your employees on how to increase productivity.
  • A group of friends hire me to help them achieve their weight goals. They challenged one another during this 12 week program. We were able to reach their goals within that time frame.
  • I was hired to coach a team of managers in different cities of a growing realtor and mortgage company. Within 3 months, sales went up an average of 50%
  • A group of girlfriends hired me to help them find Mr. Right. They increased the number of "potential" tremendously during the six months I spent with them. They also developed much more self esteem and self confidence.

What People Have To Say About Me

These are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials that I have received over the last 10 years of coaching...

Susan Assad

If ever you are in the process of taking on a path of well-being, the life-changing Coaching Session Slimming without aching by Slavica Bogdanov is a MUST.

Focusing on both the physical and the emotional, Slavica walked me through each EASY and VERY EFFICIENT step which completely turned my life around. My experience was amazing and I integrated “all lessons learned” into my life. Her approach was not a diet to go on for a temporary basis. Slimming without aching was actually a new lifestyle which I implemented from day 1. This life-transforming coaching was key for me to slim down to my desired weight, yield positive results in MANY parts of my life and start living a much more blissful and satisfying life. Forever grateful, Susan


Slavica is an outstanding leadership coach, with an emphasis on high-level technical executives and their teams. I have had the pleasure of observing her coaching with clients for some time now, and she has skills that set her above and beyond other coaches. She is straightforward and to the point, in a way that doesn't waste your time and gets right to results quickly. She has a style that encourages safe and open conversations, and she is a fantastic listener who quickly helps the client have insights about how to improve performance and results. She has many years of international business experience, and so she understands and works well with leaders in many countries and cultures other than the West (where she has experience with Canadian, US, UK, Australia, and other European countries), Slavica is a fantastic coach who will keep you engaged, and help you get where you want to go in your career, and where you want to take your team and organization

Daniel Vasilesciu

I sincerely recommend Slavica for her kind and valuable human support giving more than expected and success at heart. Behind a surprising positive and special delicacy you will find a professional mind trained to adapt coaching to each personality, that knows how to listen you, how to raise your inner questions and reflections, how to facilitate discovering self-answers and your unique perspectives to the correct order and practical road to desired evolution

Herve Jouffroy

Slavica is a reliable and positive person, a real challenge in terms of sales achievement. I strongly recommend Slavica for any professionnal or personnal coaching.


If you are looking for a professional or personal life coach, you need to look for someone that has made certain experiences and has operated through rainy days as well as the sunny ones.

Slavica is a natural people person and has acquired valuable professional and personal experiences throughout her life to pass on to her clients. Due to her diverse background, she ha s a better understanding of issues and disconnections, and a better ability to find solutions and improvements.

Looking for a coach for personal of professional improvement? I recommend Slavica!

Just A Few of Our Powerful Benefits...

There are a lot of benefits from getting a personal success coach. Especially one that addresses your specific group needs so that you can get to the next step!

  • When coached, you have the possibility to make quantum leaps in your success; saving you time and money!
  • The coach fits your specific needs and goes directly towards solving your issues.
  • The live sessions are recorded so you can access them as many times as you need.
  • You see results within the first 3-4 weeks which is very fast.
  • I launch you and your group in the direction of more and more success. The results are durable and will increase even after I am done coaching your group.
  • You don't need to go anywhere. I offer my coaching online so you save time and money as you don't have to travel.


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