What to do when it doesn’t work right away? I’ve received a comment from someone that tells me: “I have tried to rehearse the law of attraction many times, it doesn’t work, and I do not understand why it doesn’t work for me. I would like it to work for me.” So, first of all, buy my program “Know everything to have everything”, it will work; because sometimes there are some sequences in which we must learn things, we have to do things for the law of attraction to function better. And beside that, even if you do not buy my program, I will give you this advice. Everytime that you doubt, everytime that you put things into question, everytime that you change opinions, everytime that you say “it doesn’t work”, or “I’ve asked for too much”, “I’m not sure that I really want it”, or “maybe I should change my mind”, or “I should change goals”, or “I do not deserve it”, or “for me, it never works”, … Everytime that you tell yourself such things, some sayings like that, it is like you take a step backwards. Maybe you are going forward and the law of attraction will start to affect things positively – it always works but this time, we’re talking about attracting positively – so maybe you are just in the process of attracting positively. Ad then, boom, you start to doubt, you start to question yourself, you start to say “oh no, it will not work, I won’t make it, I’ll never make it”, and well then, it’s as if you were taking a step backwards and then, for sure, the law of attraction will work.

In the beginning, of course, if during ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years you have been in negativity, you have attracted negative things in your life, well you should not expect – even if I’ve seen miracles, I’ve seen quite amazing things happen – you should not expect to see results overnight. It will take maybe a little bit more time. But, it is by pursuing in this positive attitude, and by using, there is really a method, there is really a method to follow your inner journey in order to attract only the best in life. Of course, if you do that, well with time, you will see, things will change little by little. But, do not put into questions, do not be scared, do not step backwards, because then, we go back from scratch.

So here, I hope it helps you in this matter. And for more information, certainly, go on attractitude!