Law of attraction: how to increase your vibratory power? You all know maybe, or maybe not, that to attract the best towards us, well it is important to have a positive energy, to vibrate at high frequencies, that is to say frequencies that are in gratitude, that are in appreciation, that are in happiness, in joy, etc., and to visualize exactly when one feels in these high vibrational frequencies. I’m giving you a trick to precisely be able to do this: when you want to visualize something that you want to obtain in life, put yourself in a situation that rightfully increase your vibratoinal level. Per example, yesterday, I went to play in the waves of the ocean, like a young girl, I really had a lot of fun, and I realized that it greatly increased my level of vibration. That joy, that enthusiasm, the waves, the jumps, etc. And I realized that,  it’s a perfect moment to visualize because my vibrational energy was really high. Do things like that, things that increase your vibrational energy – it can be to listen to great music, to dance, to sing, it can be to play a sport, to take a great walk, to talk with friends that you love, that love you, that encourage you, it can be to relax in your bath – it can be many, many things that will ensure that you are in a really good mood. Think about people that you love, of your kids, … And when you feel your energy lifting, therefore suddenly you are enthusiastic, you have gratitude, you are in high spirits, there, visualize the thing that you wanna obtain in life, and you will see, you will have way more field of attraction of that kind. I hope that it helps you answer that question.

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