I received this question from a reader who’s asking me: “I attract people that have lived the sames things as me, is that normal? Is it because I still haven’t cleaned my past that I still attract people like that, or why?”

Obviously, I do not know all the reasons in the universe because I am not the omniconscience, but what I can say with my humble understanding is that, yes, sometimes, we have a mirror effect, that is to say that we attract people who reflect our inner personality or things that we have not yet resolved internally or things that we hate about ourselves, and we will continously attract people like that until we clean it in ourselves, until we get ourselves out of it.

There is that, and then, there is also the fact that, sometimes, you attract people who have lived the same past as you, because you, you have already managed to surpass that past and so, you will be able to give them a lesson, to help them or to bring them towards a higher level, or really, to offer them something magnificient. It can be two reasons I see. But, actually, we have a tendency to attract people that have lived the same past – simply because the past is also part of our personality, so we will attract people that have developed a similar personality, and often similar pasts will – I’m not saying all the time, but often, sometimes – similar pasts will create similar personalities. And then, evidently, we are known for the company we keep, is this not, with the law of attraction.

So, I hope that answers your question and, of course, come on attractitude to know more. Thank you.