I got this question from a reader who told me “well, I understand clearly that with the law of attraction, in term of relationships, sometimes when we don’t love ourselves enough, we can attract the bad boy, but does that also apply to friendship? Is there a risk of attracting the wrong friends? I feel, since a few months, that is since I am working on myself, not comfortable at all with some of my relationships. Is it the change that frightens them, or is it my personality that bothers them the most? I’m not sure exactly what’s happening”.

So, to answers those two questions, first of all, yes, of course you attract the friends that you think you deserve, as in love. It is more or less the same for friendships, it is more or less the same for work relations also. At work, you will attract people that, in fact, vibrate on the same frequencies as you. When you are negative, you attract negative people and so, when you are positive, you attract people increasingly positive. What is interesting is that – it happens in most cases – when people are doing a work on themselves, they begin to work on the law of attraction, using my method or really taking classes to get better and really have a positive life, have a fullfiling life, well there are two things that happen. Either, the people that were negative around them disappear, do not give signs of life – it is kinda strange, but it happens; suddenly, phew, they evaporate – or they will, of course, there will be clashes. Why? Because the other has not change, so therefore the other expects that your personality, your way of being stays the same as before. So, they do not understand that suddenly you are becoming a positive person, they are not longer able, in fact, to identify with your way of being.

So, effectively, often, we lose a lot – we don’t lose in fact, our relations change when we improve. I was going to say “we lose people”, but we do not lose anyone because we never had them in the beginning. But, actually, there are relations that change. So, we must expect that, and then, we are not able anymore to be in negative environments; it is also a thing that happens when we love ourselves more and more, when our self-esteem raises, when our self-love raises, increases, we are not able to be in some negative ambiences anymore, we are not able to be treated negatively, we accept much less unacceptable actions, indeed, that we accepted previously because we didn’t have the courage to say what we thought. So, we have more courage to say that it doesn’t suit us. And then, of course, sometimes, to some people, it doesn’t make sense to say that it doesn’t suit – so then, there, for sure, they will go.

There, I hope it helps to answer this question. So, it is not your personality that bothers them – maybe it simply bothers them because you have now become positive and they remained as they were. There! Thank you for your question and I wish you the best in everything!