What is the difference between alignment and vibration? Someone has asked me the question on the law of attraction – how to make the difference between being aligned with our source and vibrating? Vibrating, in fact, is really emitting positive energies: you will do it by gratitude, with positive thoughts, with positive unconditional loving emotions, by forgiveness, etc. Therefore, you will vibrate positively, it’s really an energy, through your words, through your thoughts: you’re vibrating. All that, it vibrates, it emits energies, it emits waves. And being aligned, it has a thing to do with vibration, but actually it’s more a state of letting go. When you are entirely aligned with your source, you do not need anything, you are already at a perfect state and you realize that you are living in relief already, that you already have everything inside of you; and that is a huge and deep state of internal well-being. That state of well-being, it is when you are completely in that attraction vortex, therefore things come to you so naturally that you do not need to go and question yourself or go out to get them or to desire them because you are already at the center of that positive gravity where all the best things come to you.

 Both are complimentary, it is preferable to always vibrate positively, but being aligned is when you are One with all your deepest desires but at the same time you realize that all those deep desires are already met somewhere inside of you because you already have that happiness or personal satisfaction.

 So, hopefully that anwsers part of the question.

 Thank you very much and if you want to know more, obviously, come take the course on the law of attraction. Thank you.