The importance of tidying up our household! So, I wanted to do a short video because I know a lot of people have accumulated a lot throughout the years, and hold on to all those objects they have accumulated that are really unnecessary. And in fact, at their home, it is a little bit messy because there are too many things and they don’t spend enough time to organize, store, discard, give, etc.

To have too many things, or to have things that are messy, when nothing is stored, nothing is organised, well, that brings the same messy style in your mind. By seeing this mess around ourselves over and over, we end up being as messy, as unorganized in our heads. When you look outside, if you always see chaos, with time you will also have chaos in your mind. And remember, tidying up, to organise, to discard, to give away, well that creates universal movement that allows flow to come back to you, the flow of universal abundance. You can have that flow circulate, by simply, one day, go have a look at things you have in your wardrobe, take everything that you haven’t worn in the past six months of the year or past year, and give them, give them away to a center that collects clothing for people who have nothing to wear. You will tell me “oh my god, but what will I do if I don’t have those garments?”. If you haven’t worn them in the past six months or past year, it is very likely that you won’t wear them again. Then, it also casts a bad sign to the Universe. You see, if, per example, you keep a garment by telling yourself “next time there will be a party or a special occasion, I will wear this old dress” – it’s a little bit weird, no? Instead, for sure, we would say “if there is a new occasion, a special occasion and all that, I will buy myself a new robe!” If you keep junk, it means you don’t trust the Universe enough that you will have enough, in the future, to dress yourself properly when there will be a good occasion to dress yourself properly.

Besides, don’t keep things for the perfect occasion, live it up, enjoy what you have. Don’t keep pretty sheets for the day where, perhaps, a day, you will put on pretty sheets; don’t use your beautiful crockery only when you have guests, treat yourself with your beautiful crockery regularly. You deserve it! Live in this beauty that you have accumulated around you. Then, empty your mind. Make space, it helps a lot. Throw away old papers, we keep papers, old invoices from ten years ago, stuff that makes no sense, that doesn’t bring us anything! Discard, discard, discard all junk that you don’t need and give those that can be used still that you don’t use anymore. Thus, you allow two laws of attraction: first, you empty your mind, so it will allow you to receive, which is extraordinary; and also, you’re giving generously and giving, is receiving. The more you will give, the more you will receive.

I hope this helps you, it will cause you to use the long weekends of May to clean up, to store… Besides, it’s amazing, it’s spring. It is time to do it, the spring cleaning, the big life cleanup! That way, you will attract a lot of pretty things, and I wish you all that. Thank you, and thank you for going on attractitude – go on and register and receive my seven free videos. Thank you!