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Slavica Good evening, I wanted to send you a message to thank you warmly. You changed my life in just 48 hours, thank you, thank you for sharing what you know.
This weekend while I was unhappy due to a separation (with someone who gave me a lot of trouble), I was in distress and looking for help .. Having heard of the law of attraction I typed it up on YouTube and came across your system.
I listened repeatedly during the week-end, with more or less of an attentive ear but still was captivated, often saying “but she is so right!!”
I wanted to thank you because since Monday (barely 48 hours after I discovered you) my life has CHANGED! On Monday I received a lot of new customers calling to work with me(I am a real estate agent) and now they are bunch of friendly and loving requests that come to me ..
This is absolutely staggering, but what you say works, it’s amazing!
For my part I will go on and on ..
Another big THANK YOU! You are a magician!


And if it were you?

Do you have ever wonder how people feel who have '' everything in life ''? Have you ever desired to attract anything you wanted without having to work hard? Have you wondered how is it that although you know the principles governing the law of attraction, you can not even attract to you what you want most? You may be saying that it is impossible to realize all your objectives and live a dream life. Surely you've seen the people who live in this state of permanent success, that '' everything is working for them'', who are '' lucky ''. They are not more educated or smarter than you. You wonder how these people get there while you seem to deserve it too and work hard and have all the qualities which normally should have helped you succeed. Yet some seem to feel '' unlucky ''. They succeed without having to work as hard as you. They achieve their results faster and with less effort. You worked hard in vain without seeing results show up on the horizon as quickly as you had hoped? You believe you are using the law of attraction but you see that negatives circumstances seem to always come to you?

Why do some people seem to have the best life ever and others seem to always be struggling?

These people understood the secret method to use the law of attraction. Well beyond the principles that everyone has more or less heard, it never gives you the system and proper combination to use to allow you to activate the attraction and increase your power. Most books offer the components of this 'magic potion' that will enable you to use the law of attraction. But they lack two things: The secret ingredients that accelerate the process and the order in which you should use these ingredients.

In order to have the perfect successful mix, you need to know what the secret ingredients are that accelerate the process and the order in which you should use these ingredients.

In order to have complete power over the law of attraction, you must know the secret ingredients of success and the order in which to use of each core principle. I'm sure you can do it. Like you, I have experienced difficult moments and questioned myself about my purpose. I wondered if I had been struck by bad luck which prevented me to reach the goals that I wanted to achieve. I ended up creating myself a dream life. I know that you too can!

"Good evening Slavica .I started your program . It is staggering as it is stunning !!! A lot of amazing things are happening to me in only a few days . I wanted to say a thousand thank you for everything you provided and I still continue in this positive direction. "

3 wrong roads most people take that prevent them from using the Law of Attraction

Wrong Road #1 Mixing it all up

Many know some basic principles of the law of attraction such as visualization, affirmations, generosity ... However, I notice that many people begin to use these principles in the wrong order. That leads to no effective concrete result because they do not know how to use each of these elements. For example, there is a specific way in which you can effectively visualize. And, you can not visualize if you're not 100% sure of what you want. But you can only visualize when other steps have been completed. And, you cannot rely solely on visualization.

Wrong road #2: Poor self confidence leading to poor devision making

When you are absolutely certain of what you desire in life, which is not given to everyone (but that can be learned in my course), you must act to get you to your goal. The willingness without action is useless. It is very rare that your dream life comes knocking at your door. It takes you to get there. To do this, you must act according to your dreams and your goals. Your actions must be deliberate. It probably will not need to do a lot of action for the results to manifest by themselves, especially if you put fully into practice the method described. Your action must be taken in a positive spirit. But you will never be able to act accordingly to your profound desires if you have not developed enough self esteem and self worth.

Wrong road #3: Lack of perseverance

It takes about 28 days for a new habit (mental or other) to move into your daily life. Many people, full of desire, will do what it takes  for a few days. Then, they will soon forget and go back to their old habits. To succeed, you must change your attitudes and perception. That takes time. Once a new principle is incorporated into your daily life, you'll struggle to keep going. If you persevere, this will become an integral part of your life, as natural as brushing your teeth. BUT, in order for you to persevere, you need to keep being motivated. In my course, I teach you how to define the motivation that will help you to continue on your road to success.

#4 The right road! The one which will allow you to use FULLY the law of attraction

It is necessary to know all the principles, apply them consistently and regularly and in the right sequence. It is essential to take the time to learn and listen to your emotions and be guided in the right direction, one that will increase your success and happiness and master your destiny! Learn how to attract the best every time. It's possible. I have done it and so can you.

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Remember: The law of attraction is always affecting your life. You can use is deliberalty or be a victim of it. If you do not attract positively, you will attract negatively. There is no neutral mode...

Hello dear Slavica, I just want to congratulate you the content of your program on the law of attraction: it is complete, spontaneous and effective. In;-) one week I managed to win 10 times what cost me the purchase of your program. It is a good start, thank you, thank you, thank you! I studied the law of attraction but you gave me all the missing elements I was looking for.


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Hello Slavica After listening several times to your training on the law of attraction, I have only one word that comes to mind: BRAVO. Thank you have for creating this training and I am sure that it will change (positively) the lives of many people. Sincerely Freddy


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