“Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there” – Bo Jackson.

Setting goals is very important to be successful in your life and to use the law of attraction properly. Decide what you want from your life. Your dreams may be small or big; setting goals helps you plan how to move through your life.

Many people are not aware of what they want to achieve in their life. They are hesitant and tell themselves: “Why should I create goals if I am going to change my mind in a gist?” It is advisable to create goals and to change your mind, rather than never envisage a plan out of the fear to change your opinion. It is better to make a plan and alter it on the way if it does not work. But what is important is to have a plan written down so that you won’t sail anywhere the wind takes you, without ever daring to speak up.

Think in terms of ‘’AND‘’, not ‘’EITHER/OR’’

Taking a decision is always the hardest thing. It is to put one foot down and say: “Look at what I want; I am sure of it, it is exactly this particular thing that I wish to have!” Many people often hesitate to take a decision. They are afraid of the choice because they think in terms of either/or.

The “either/or” mentality belongs to the people who are not successful. It’s a kind of mentality that can hold you back. “Either/or” sounds like that “either I want to make a lot of money, OR I want to have just a few hours worked”. Or “I want to have a lot of money OR have a family life in which I have plenty of time for hobbies.” Thus, “either/or” is a thinking pattern of the people who put themselves limits.

Rich and successful people who see themselves surrounded by endless possibilities always think in terms of “AND”. They tell themselves: “I want to have a lot of money and plenty of hobbies”; “I also want to have an extraordinary life, full of voyages, and to raise my children in a fantastic way. They never think in terms of “either/or” and don’t hesitate before taking a decision, but envisage choices inclusively: every wish can materialize at the same time, because everything is possible. So you can have it all at the same time. But you need to know how. It is truly possible.

Therefore, the AND is fundamental for the creation of goals which are not exclusive, but rather inclusive.

Adopting a thinking pattern based on AND, not EITHER/OR, will allow you to create goals that do not frighten you, because they do no longer hinder your path. You won’t have the feeling that your choice or your decision is blocking all the other options in life. So, it’s essential for you to understand the AND concept.

In conclusion, give up the “either/or” mentality. Think in terms of “and” to set your goal and to be successful in life. Nothing is impossible. If you have self-belief, you can achieve it.