A return on your investment of at least 20% !

A never seen opportunity in the history of self development!

A unique once in a lifetime opportunity!

You receive:
A website
A client tracking system (complete newsletters ....) + managing billing, all managed by us so you don't have to worry about anything ...

All social media pages built for you

All attractitude products and services
Access to group coaching

Access to all group coaching and the coaching to become an attractitude coach (a value of well over $ 10,000 for that one only)
Ongoing marketing and public relations
Branding and brand strength
My fame
And more ...

You almost have nothing to do but to develop the market locally and translate the products into your language.
If you sell 10 attractitude products per week, which is minimal and easy; you will receive about $24,000 annually as return. Besides group coaching that can earn you another 20 to 30.000 annually without counting all the rest of the individual coaching, seminars...

What do you expect to jump on this golden opportunity?

From Slavica Bogdanov,

Floride, USA

Dear readers, friends, future business partners,

I am looking for franchisees  who want to experience an exponential financial growth while helping thousands of people live better lives, all over the world!

This is a unique, one in a lifetime opportunity! It is a wonderful time to start in the self development business in countries that are just starting to open up to this idea by offering them the best quality products and services on the market.

An opportunity for you to experience a thrilling adventure while earning an incredible income!

Contact me now at slavica@attractitude.us

The personal development industry is probably the most fascinating industry in the


The personal development industry is probably the most fascinating industry in the


The idea that you can have a thriving business built on helping people and

improving the world is the ultimate dream.

In case you didn’t know – the Personal Development Industry is not just about

feeling good.

According to Wikipedia and Psychology Today, this is a more than $11 Billion dollar

industry – and growing.

Growing at a rapid pace and with always more lives to impact – the question you

should be asking yourself isn’t, ‘Can I be successful at this?’ … it’s ‘How big of a

mark do I want to make?’, and ‘What am I willing to do to make it happen?”

There is no limit to the amount of income or the satisfaction you can gain from

teaching people how to unleash their unlimited potential.

If you’ve ever thought you might like to be a part of this industry – I have just the

opportunity for you. I have developed a proven system that is probably just what

you've been looking for.

Attractitude was founded in March 2014 by Slavica Bogdanov. It is unique because it

offers the widest range of quality products and services in the field of personal and

professional development.

During its first year in operation and without investing in advertising, Attractitude

has surpassed the $200,000 income threshold.

In 2015, it is forecast to reach and surpass the ten million dollars in revenue.

The purpose of this document is to provide you the opportunity to join Attractitude

and own a license so you will also benefit from this expansion while helping

thousands of people improve their lives.

This is a unique opportunity, one of a kind because no one has franchised a self

development website before and nobody has as many varied products, products that

will continue to be added. This means that it gives you the unique opportunity to

become a leader in self development products and services.

Market research

The International Coach Federation estimates that the coaching industry is at about

$2 billion in revenue per year.

Demand for the Life Coaches industry grows when public confidence declines and

people's ability to handle the issues on their own falters. When the housing bubble

burst and the US economy fell into a recession, consumer confidence plummeted.

This decline, coupled with high unemployment, falling incomes and bleak outlooks,

caused Americans to seek out the assistance of professional coaches, benefiting the

industry. However, as the economy slowly continues to recover and consumer

confidence returns, demand for life coaches is expected to wane. Over the five years

to 2018, although consumers will likely require less guidance, high-income

households will serve as the primary vehicle of growth for the industry.

The Life Coaches industry comprises entities (individuals or companies) that provide

counseling services to people in the areas of personal growth, relationship issues,

career path and related topics. Demand for the industry grows when personal or

professional stress arises and/or intensifies. As such, industry performance is

negatively correlated with economic health. Over the five years to 2013, revenue for

the Life Coaches industry has grown at an estimated average annual rate of

9.3% to just under $1.1 billion by the end of that year in the sole U.S.

It's no surprise that the greatest concentration of coaches and highest paid coaches

are in 'high income areas' like North America, Western Europe and Oceania

(Australia and New Zealand).

The industry experienced double-digit increases in 2009 and 2010, that is to say

13.0% and 10.1%, respectively, resulting from poor economic conditions, a weak

job market and plummeting consumer confidence.

According to a 2012 study by ICF, there are 47,500 life coaches worldwide

and 15,800 in North America. On average, they charge $214 per session.

Another ICF study found that clients reported a median return on investment of

3.44 times what they invested. The average client pays between $1,000 and

$2,000 over the course of his or her transformation.

Businesses are looking for specific results and often hire coaches to solve a specific

problem. Coaching may be focused on outcomes such as talent retention, effective

teams, increased sales or minimized downtime during a corporate restructure.

Because of these high-stakes results, executive coaches, on average, make more

than other coaches. According to the 2011 Sixth Annual Sherpa study,

executive coaches earn approximately $325 hour compared with $235 per hour for

small business coaches and $160 per hour for life coaches.

Would you like to earn an average minimum of $235 per hour with less and less effort?

I can guarantee you that you will have that opportunity will attractitude.. and much much more!

Contact me now at slavica@attractitude.us

Coaching has been growing by leaps and bounds, with no signs of slowing down.

Here are the main trends I’ve been observing:

1. The traditional work world is dying.

For a steadily increasing number of people, traditional ways of living and working no

longer exist. The corporate world doesn’t offer the security it used to. People

continue to be laid off in large numbers, and new graduates can’t find jobs. People

are being forced to navigate the work world according to a new set of rules that no

one has explained to them. They are required to be more flexible, more marketable

and more deliberate about how they go about their careers, yet no one has taught

them the skills to accomplish this.

2. People’s values are changing.

While some are being laid off, others are choosing of their own free will to leave the

traditional work environment because the security of a regular paycheck is not

worth the cost to their lifestyle and

health. They are seeking greater

balance, flexibility, fulfillment and

meaning in their work. They want more

time for their families and the things

that matter to them. They want more

control over their lives, and selfdetermination

when it comes to their

futures. The staggering growth of the

home-based business industry is

testament to this.

3. Making career choices today is as much an “inner game” as an outer one.

Navigating the new world of work and business requires self-awareness, selfconfidence

and emotional intelligence. It also requires significant trust in one’s own

inner compass: the ability to determine which direction and choices are right for you

– regardless of what anyone else is doing or think you should do. This is a quality

regularly cited by top leaders who’ve achieved significant levels of accomplishment –

a certain “gut feel” as to which way to go despite insufficient data (and sometimes

counter to the data that points in an entirely different direction).

4. Traditional education is not adequately equipping people with what they need for

these mammoth changes.

College education is extraordinarily expensive, but is not adequately preparing

young people, or adults who want to pursue higher education later in life, with the

real-life skills they need to succeed in today’s rapidly morphing work world. Michael

Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s

Not Too Late, spent two years interviewing some of the most successful business

people on the planet, all of whom were college dropouts.

5. Coaching has become part of the unofficial new education system.

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The inner and outer

skills needed today essentially aren’t being taught elsewhere – not in the education

system, government, big business or by most parents. If you want to learn these

things, for the most part you’re going to have to set up your own curriculum and get

yourself educated independently.

Contact me now at slavica@attractitude.us

What benefits for franchisees?

  • Benefit 1 - You will have the chance to go to markets where there is almost no competition in coaching products and services. Your market share is huge and your income will grow at amazing speed.
  • Benefit 2 - You will earn passive income which implies making money while you don't necessarily have to work.
  • Benefit 3 - You will have the support and expertise of Slavica Bogdanov who worked in the development of internet marketing and personal development for over ten years. You will have her support and be able to benefit from these years of expertise.
  • Benefit 4 - You will also benefit from the power of the brand. Slavica Bogdanov will invest a portion of her revenue in the corporate marketing. Imagine the power of McDonald's? You will stand behind a recognized and trusted brand. Some customers will naturally converge towards you.
  • Benefit 5 - You will have the opportunity to become a millionaire in the next 3 to 5 years (even before). You will benefit from Slavica Bogdanov's expertise to learn how to build a solid customer list. The follow up for your list (CRM) will be taken care of by Attractitude so that you won't have the administrative burden. The founders of Infusionsoft, the most sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) system declares a list of 5000 names well managed will directly lead you to a 90% chance to create a business with an annual business income of a million dollars.
  • Benefit 6 -You will help people to live a better life. Aside from all the money you make, you will be happy to be part of a group that helps others and leads them to a better life.

Your obligations:

You agree to maintain the high reputation of the brand name Attractitude.

You translate the products and sale pages

You speak English or French and also need to be fluent in the language of the

country you will be representing.

You cannot sell products or services other than those authorized by Attractitude.

You handle customer service.

You invest in the franchise and do not do business with the competition.

You give back 50% of your sales to Attractitude (a portion will go to advertising and

another portion will go to copyright royalties).


What Attractitude offers franchisees:

1- A site already built (you only have to translate). You can either subtitle videos or

record your own voice.

2-The transcript of all courses so that you can translate them to sell the products.

3-Follow-up to your customer list (you'll have to provide us only the translated


4-A regular and constant coaching to help you develop your business more easily.

5. Opportunities to grow your income even further by offering your customers

special and exclusive seminars.

6. The chance to win trips.

Jump in while there is room
Contact me now at slavica@attractitude.us

What are people saying about attractitude?


Gets the job done

“Slavica is a motivated and dedicated individual who gets the job done and her flexibility insures helping you get the outcome you hire her for. '' To Your Best, Dr. Vetter - DocResults from the United States


Hard working

"Slavica is a hard working and dedicated woman. She always has a positive attitude and is very passionate about the causes she gets behind. I recommend her for her raw enthusiasm, unique style and forward thinking." Anni Bricca. Founder & CEO Online Community Expert. USA


I would recommend Slavica

"I would recommend Slavica Bogdanov to help you in all aspects of your life, whether its for business coaching, sales coaching, learning how to write best sellers, learning how to close deals or even learning how to shed pounds, weight loss,, if you want to learn how to take action and improve your results in all aspects of your life, please speak with slavica1,take action, best regards" Eric Perlman, Entrepreneur, businessman, networker. Canada


one of the most amazing gifts I could have possibly offered myself

“If I must list life’s most wonderful blessings, I would say that this coaching comes right after my kids in the list…It is one of the most amazing gifts I could have possibly offered myself and the results are astonishing I receive an invitation for coaching at a moment in my life when I had lost control. I felt I was living the most terrible events. This coaching arrived like a blessings. Some say, there are no accidents. I have learned so much and still learn and my life has never been better. I have grown so much and feel so much more empowered and love. I could not be happier. I strongly suggest that you take attractitude’s coaching and experience happiness to a new level.” Anik from france


She saved my life

“I started a very difficult period of life with a lot of repetitive problems until the moment where I want to end it all and never open my eyes again. I found this website by accident and I hung on to a last bit of hope that something could be done for me. I contacted them like a bootle thrown to the sea, clinging to that last piece of hope, desperately. When I got their answer, I decided I was going to follow the coaching to the letter, scrupulously, and it worked!! Now, i feel I can let go and rejoice every moment of the day. Life has become magical. I take pleasure in creating the life of my dreams, feeling complete and satisfied. Thank you so much and thank you for the love. Do not wait to have your head completely under water before you reach out for help. Their work should be reimbursed by medical insurances because, in fact, she saved my life. I wish that everyone has the chance and the opportunity to take this coaching.


She is straightforward and to the point

"Slavica is an outstanding leadership coach, with an emphasis on high-level technical executives and their teams. I have had the pleasure of observing her coaching with clients for some time now, and she has skills that set her above and beyond other coaches. She is straightforward and to the point, in a way that doesn't waste your time and gets right to results quickly. She has a style that encourages safe and open conversations, and she is a fantastic listener who quickly helps the client have insights about how to improve performance and results. She has many years of international business experience, and so she understands and works well with leaders in many countries and cultures other than the West (where she has experience with Canadian, US, UK, Australia, and other European countries), Slavica is a fantastic coach who will keep you engaged, and help you get where you want to go in your career, and where you want to take your team and organization." Ephraim Murillo Jr. Founder & Director of Luzeph Investments Group, Florida USA

What are you waiting for?

Only 50 people will have this opportunity!

Why not it be YOU?


More Benefits : You will receive continuous education on marketing strategies, coaching, business development and more...

Each franchise is $30,000.

I allow you to come in for $15,000 only (the rest can be deducted from a portion of your revenu)

It includes: the web site, the system to build your client base, the rights to distribute powerful proven life changing products and services, ongoing training, the costly infrastructure for CRM and billing, the brand recognition.


Contact me at slavica@attractitude.us

Don't wait and then regret it

The practical road to desired evolution

''I sincerely recommend Slavnica for her kind and valuable human support giving more than expected and success at heart. Behind a surprising positive and special delicacy you will find a professional mind trained to adapt coaching to each personality, that knows how to listen you, how to raise your inner questions and reflections, how to facilitate discovering self-answers and your unique perspectives to the correct order and practical road to desired evolution.'' Daniel Vasilescu from Romania


I recommend Slavica!

"If you are looking for a professional or personal life coach, you need to look for someone that has made certain experiences and has operated through rainy days as well as the sunny ones. Slavica is a natural people person and has acquired valuable professional and personal experiences throughout her life to pass on to her clients. Due to her diverse background, she ha s a better understanding of issues and disconnections, and a better ability to find solutions and improvements.  Looking for a coach for personal of professional improvement? I recommend Slavica!" Vitus Feldman. Marketing, Social Media and Communications Leader. New York, USA


“Thank you for all you have done. Incredible! I feel I know myself better now. I learned to listen to me and discover my real life, the one I want to live. I am much more calm and can think straight at what I really want for my profound well being. today, I can live fully each and every second, I can laugh as much as I want and as many minutes there are in a day. I want to love all who deserve it and spend real moments with them. I want to work with joy and in harmony, I want to continue a healthy life, full of pleasures. I want to continue learning about moments of silence, because it feels so good and master the art of meditation. I want to develop tolerance and have more and more positive thoughts. I want to benefit from all the happiness this world has to offer… Congratulations, you have changed a man in someone much better! I will always remember and cherish our meetings. You are wonderful” Jean-Charles Neyrat from Spain


You are, after my kids, the best gift I received

“It was such an honnor to partake in your program and meet you in person. knowing you was a revelation. You are my strength, my motivation. You are the only one who believed in me. Thanks to you I got out of a depression, and so did my daughter. Thank you for the love you give.  Thank you for believe in us and giving us hope. You are, after my kids, the best gift I received. You are so full of love, kindness and generosity. Thank you” Florence from Geneva


What are you waiting for?

Serbia, St-Martins are already been taken... HURRY UP! They are going like hot cakes. Only ONE PERSON PER COUNTRY!


A limitless source of inspiration

“I am profoundly thankful to the Universe to have guided me to this coaching at a moment in my life when I needed so desperately. I found a well of information so fascinating and a limitless source of inspiration, condensed energy and motivation. Thank you for your dynamic personality, your spiritual enlightenment, your human quality and your high integrity.'' Violette from France


I recommend this coaching to anyone

“I found myself in so much negativity and incredible pessimism. I had tried a lot of things and failed at all of them. In my head, a sentence was playing like a broken record ‘’what’s the point?’’ A friend pointed me to this website and I thought I’d give coaching a try. What an amazing adventure! Believe me! It is worth double, triple the price! Every week, it is like I meet my best friend, a wise one that lead me to a better me, empowered with more self esteem, love of life, tools to master my fears and reach any goal I desire. The results a rein credible. Everyone around me has noticed a change. People tell me I look more calm, self assured, and better. I change, I feel better and better, I smile naturally, I live! Coaching is a thousand times better than a book. Even the best of books because a book cannot answer your personal questions . I recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to change their life in a very positive way!” Fantine Paquier, Switzerland

Contact me now at slavica@attractitude.us