The importance of visualisation

Did you know that 80% of our lives circumstances come from within and not from outside of ourselves?
Did you know that we perceive only 10% of the “reality” around us, and that 90% remains hidden!
We choose these 10% by our beliefs and thoughts.
The brain, like a radar seeks external elements that gives us “reason”. Even if you strongly believe that what you see is that the only possibility and the only “truth”.
it is not so!


If you change your beliefs and change the commands you send to your brain, reality will change.
Wayne Dyer puts it very well: “change how you look at things and the things you look at will change!”
Also, did you know that the brain “sees” no difference between what your eyes see and your imagination. None!
The reason so few people change their future is that they lack imagination or do not dare to imagine, or imagine the worst (and thus live it) or do not know how to imagine …
If you keep positive images of what you want to be constantly repeated, your brain will think it is reality.
If your brain thinks what you imagne is reality, it will get to work to prove you’re right, and suddenly, like magic (I’m not exaggerating), it will begin to “see” something else . He will delve into the 90% that was hidden and you will see what you do is your imagination!
Therefore, the imagination is so powerful. And for those who (like me) lack imagination, the best tool for developing it is visualization.
So I have created 12 powerful video to help you visualize so you can transform your thinking and create a better future.
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