Take back 100% control of your life

It is easy to blame the environment, the financial situation or a traumatic past whenever we are in a difficult situation. These are all just excuses we use to place the responsibility of all that is wrong in our lives on something or someone other than


If you sit down and meditate for a moment; think about all the times you have complained, you will realize that you are holding something or someone else responsible for your problems.

The fact of the matter is that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Successful people who thrive in all the aspects of life understand this concept and know they are responsible for what happens to them. By improving your skills at responsibilization, you can use the law of attraction to be truly powerful and get what is best for yourself.

It is not easy in the beginning. It is always so easy to blame your misfortunes on others.

It is important to understand that no matter who you are, everyone will experience a hardship at sometime or the other in their lives. No one is ever spared of it.

This is aptly put by Anthony Robbins who says that we wish to have surprises in our lives and love them but we want the surprises to be what we wish for. We rarely want a
surprise that is undesirable. And when we get surprises that we don’t like we label them as problems. According to Anthony, we need the good as well as the bad surprises in
order to grow.

Everyone experiences problems. But it all depends on how you interpret them; how you react to them. How you react to the problems is what defines you as a person.

The economic situation is the same for everyone. While some people succeed and make money, others fail and lose money. So it is not so much about the economic situation but about how you develop your skills to get by in the given circumstances.
It is not difficult to change, to alter the way you think the way you act. As human beings

our best quality is the fact that we are adaptable. We have the ability to learn quickly

and to modify our behavior at any given time. It is the neuroplasticity of our brain that

makes this possible. Therefore, it is not the surrounding environment that is responsible

for the way we choose to live, for the state of our minds or our financial state.

If you look closely at members of the same family who have experienced the same

trauma, you will see that each one reacts differently to the situation and its aftermath.

This behavior is the direct consequence of the way we perceive what we have suffered.

It all comes down to our choices, our reactions and our ideas. While it is true that the

environment makes events happen in our lives, it is we who actually attract them.

So why do we attract them? It is either because we need to learn something out of the

lessons we experience or because we have a bad opinion about ourselves and we think

we deserve what happens to us.

We always have a choice as to how we react to a situation. That makes us fully

responsible for what happens to us. There are no subscriptions for monthly anxiety;

neither are there shops where you can go and buy stress. It is you who cultivate these

feelings and emotions. It is we who are at the core of all attraction. When we assume

responsibility we retake control of our life.

By giving away the responsibility of what happens to us to the government, to our past

or our friends, we actually give away the power to change our lives and improve it.

Once you start taking responsibility and attracting 100% of what happens to your life,

you will realize you have the choice to change everything, starting with the events taking

place around you. You will soon have the power to change what you attract and then you can decide what to attract next.

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How important is planning in life?

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin franklin.

Planning is one of the most important time management techniques. Planning is preparing a sequence of tasks to achieve a specific goal. If you execute them timely and properly, you can reach your goal faster.

So, you should always plan and prepare. I have missed many things in my life because I did not plan them properly and prepare them thoroughly. I believe that most people cannot become successful because they are not ready to live with this success.

That is why you should prepare for your success. Decide how you are going to live your life and what is going to change in your life once you are successful. You should already prepare for the result so that it does not take you by surprise. We often doubt ourselves and attract failure and step backward instead of forward.

If you plan every step of the way exactly how you do it when you go somewhere, things are going to be much easier to handle. You can reach your goal easily. Easiness makes it possible for the law of attraction to work, because your feelings will not be of worry and stress. Rather, they will be of relaxation and relief. You will live under the impression that you can control your fate and you are the only master of your fate. Being prepared for other contingencies, you will be ready to deal with whatever situation occurs. If you are ready, you will be apt to react when opportunity knocks at your door. You need to be sure that the law of attraction will make it happen.

But if you are not ready, you will not be able to say ‘yes’ when new opportunities will knock at your door. You will be afraid, because you lack some elements or some knowledge. We never know enough and when an opportunity pops out. We should always be ready.

The method to be always ready is to keep asking yourself the following questions and know what is missing:

  • What is it that I don’t know?
  • How can I know more?
  • How could I be even more ready?
  • What are the results that I want to obtain
  • Am I ready to get it?
  • What will I need to leave aside when I get it?
  • If I must, what kind of changes do I have to do in my life in order to be ready for success? How do I live with that success? How can I learn to live as a successful person?”


Learning is always an extremely important stage. I advise you to go online on “attractitude” and learn how to use the law of attraction.

The law of attraction will improve your life, make it possible for you to reach your goals and get to all the destinations that you set for in your life.

In conclusion, make realistic plans to achieve your goals in life. Planning is like a map. If you follow it, you can reach your destination easily and enjoy your life.

Are you sleeping with the enemy

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt.


It is really important to develop self-love and self-esteem. We are what we think ourselves to be. Our mind controls our body and our actions. If we convince ourselves that we can do something in most cases we get what we set out to obtain.

Many people that I meet during my coaching classes, my conferences or my travels often claim that: “I don’t have any issues. I am self-confident. I have no worries. I love myself, I love myself, and I love myself”.

When I look at their results, I usually find that they do not necessarily love themselves. For instance, they are overweight; they have communication issues or a problem with the way they think. Even in their mind, they do not seem to have a sense of self-esteem.

If someone offers you a present and if someone directs his generosity towards you, refusing it does not only mean offending the universe which offered you its generosity and abundance, but also denying the pleasure of the person who wants to share her gift.

Thus, if you lack self-love, you will think that you do not deserve to reach your goal. For example, you will think that you cannot earn more money. You will get at a certain limit, at a certain amount of money, and the minute you are going to exceed it, you will waste it deliberately or involuntarily. It is a deep and unconscious matter. Every person has a personal value assessment: how much they think they are worth in all the aspects of their lives: health, love or finances.

When you know what you are worth, you can change it. There are methods for you to increase your personal value. I often use one of these methods in my lectures about « attractitude », which is about the law of attraction. It is a method used to develop your self-esteem and your self-love, which is very powerful and mighty. Once you manage to increase your unconscious self-value and love yourself more, you will be able to think that you are worth a lot in every aspect of your life.

If someone mistreats you, be it your friend, your lover, or your boss, it is because you believe you deserve it.

It’s very important to know how you feel about yourself. People with low self-esteem can suffer from emotional pain, depression and anxiety. So develop positive sense. You should be fully aware of your strengths.

In conclusion it is essential for you to look at positive sides of yourself, love yourself and so develop self-esteem. Anything else would be an insult to the universe.

You are loosing control of your life because of this

If you do not take 100% responsibility of your life, you are losing 100% control over it! – Slavica Bogdanov

“Taking responsibility for being exactly where you are gives you the power to be exactly where you want to be” – Author unknown.

Do you know what being a responsible person means? Nowadays most people are unwilling to take responsibility. What should you do to be more responsible?

To be responsible you need to understand the meaning of “responsabilisation”. It is indeed a law of success, but also a law of attraction. You must feel 100% responsible for everything that happens in your life. At the beginning, it is not very easy. I have been involved in real car accidents and other accidents occurred in my life either wanted or not, conscious or unconscious. Usually, it is quite hard to accept that we are responsible for those accidents.

But, it is even harder to accept that we caused the accident. I had to stay in bed for two months without being able to move after the accident. The fact of knowing that I am responsible, that I have attracted the accident in my life, is sometimes difficult to handle, but I think it was an important stage of my life that has given me back my power.

When you start to realize that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, you become aware that you can change everything in your life. You can control your fate fully. You are no longer a victim of circumstances, but the director of our own life.

These thoughts have changed my life tremendously. They were capital just like the pivot that I have suddenly clicked. I was no longer a poor victim of what was happening, being tossed to the right or to the left by life, but a decided being who wanted to take responsibility and gain control over my life.

So you should take over the wheel of your life. When you get behind the wheel of your life again, you take back your power and choose your direction. You are the one who chooses, because you are the director of your own life. You don’t have to depend on someone else’s opinion to succeed in life.

How to become responsible?

Think carefully and note down the events that you refuse to accept in your life. You should take full responsibility for them, because writing this phrase down will start making you conscious of all the elements in your life that you can adopt. It is essential for you to become aware of this fact, because it will give you back your power. It is a change that takes place inside of you, exactly in the spot where you will regain your self-confidence.

I would say it is an important key that represents the basis of success, of power, and of the law of attraction: responsabilization.

You are the one who attracts the best or the worst. You must do all you can to attract the best, because you have the power and the responsibility to do it. The better you get, the more this fact will influence your life, having a great effect on your future and on the experiences that you want to attract.

So you should take responsibility as it helps build your self-confidence. If you are a responsible person, you can control your life and build a bright future.

How to create good goals

“Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there” – Bo Jackson.

Setting goals is very important to be successful in your life and to use the law of attraction properly. Decide what you want from your life. Your dreams may be small or big; setting goals helps you plan how to move through your life.

Many people are not aware of what they want to achieve in their life. They are hesitant and tell themselves: “Why should I create goals if I am going to change my mind in a gist?” It is advisable to create goals and to change your mind, rather than never envisage a plan out of the fear to change your opinion. It is better to make a plan and alter it on the way if it does not work. But what is important is to have a plan written down so that you won’t sail anywhere the wind takes you, without ever daring to speak up.

Think in terms of ‘’AND‘’, not ‘’EITHER/OR’’

Taking a decision is always the hardest thing. It is to put one foot down and say: “Look at what I want; I am sure of it, it is exactly this particular thing that I wish to have!” Many people often hesitate to take a decision. They are afraid of the choice because they think in terms of either/or.

The “either/or” mentality belongs to the people who are not successful. It’s a kind of mentality that can hold you back. “Either/or” sounds like that “either I want to make a lot of money, OR I want to have just a few hours worked”. Or “I want to have a lot of money OR have a family life in which I have plenty of time for hobbies.” Thus, “either/or” is a thinking pattern of the people who put themselves limits.

Rich and successful people who see themselves surrounded by endless possibilities always think in terms of “AND”. They tell themselves: “I want to have a lot of money and plenty of hobbies”; “I also want to have an extraordinary life, full of voyages, and to raise my children in a fantastic way. They never think in terms of “either/or” and don’t hesitate before taking a decision, but envisage choices inclusively: every wish can materialize at the same time, because everything is possible. So you can have it all at the same time. But you need to know how. It is truly possible.

Therefore, the AND is fundamental for the creation of goals which are not exclusive, but rather inclusive.

Adopting a thinking pattern based on AND, not EITHER/OR, will allow you to create goals that do not frighten you, because they do no longer hinder your path. You won’t have the feeling that your choice or your decision is blocking all the other options in life. So, it’s essential for you to understand the AND concept.

In conclusion, give up the “either/or” mentality. Think in terms of “and” to set your goal and to be successful in life. Nothing is impossible. If you have self-belief, you can achieve it.


The importance of visualisation

Did you know that 80% of our lives circumstances come from within and not from outside of ourselves?
Did you know that we perceive only 10% of the “reality” around us, and that 90% remains hidden!
We choose these 10% by our beliefs and thoughts.
The brain, like a radar seeks external elements that gives us “reason”. Even if you strongly believe that what you see is that the only possibility and the only “truth”.
it is not so!


If you change your beliefs and change the commands you send to your brain, reality will change.
Wayne Dyer puts it very well: “change how you look at things and the things you look at will change!”
Also, did you know that the brain “sees” no difference between what your eyes see and your imagination. None!
The reason so few people change their future is that they lack imagination or do not dare to imagine, or imagine the worst (and thus live it) or do not know how to imagine …
If you keep positive images of what you want to be constantly repeated, your brain will think it is reality.
If your brain thinks what you imagne is reality, it will get to work to prove you’re right, and suddenly, like magic (I’m not exaggerating), it will begin to “see” something else . He will delve into the 90% that was hidden and you will see what you do is your imagination!
Therefore, the imagination is so powerful. And for those who (like me) lack imagination, the best tool for developing it is visualization.
So I have created 12 powerful video to help you visualize so you can transform your thinking and create a better future.
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