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OMG…Ladies and gentlemen, if you are really looking to turn your finances around, then this is the book for you!!! I highly recommend this book to anyone serious about this change, because if you read this book, and apply these methods, you will gain way more from this book than you could’ve possibly imagined. Slavica Bogdanov has a mastermind on this topic, and has graciously made available to others the steps needed to obtain YOUR success!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was easy to follow, very in-depth, and most importantly helped me in more ways than one! I’m looking forward to the continued rewards from implementing this book, and hope everyone gives this book a try also!!!

My financial situation is fine currently. But I still learned a lot from the book.
You don't have to wait until bankrupted to find how useful this book is.
It gives realistic suggestions and instructions in general, which work for almost all situations.

Bankrupt to Wealthy

Advance praise for From Bankrupt to Wealthy: "Slavica Bogdanov has created a unique and detailed instruction manual for the day to day successes you will achieve as you reach your financial goals" -Joe Vital, Best selling author of The Attractor Factor "Slavica puts you in charge of your future by giving you the power to achieve abundance and find happiness at the same time. If you're looking for practical and spiritual direction to wealth, this book is for you. -Loral Langemeier, Best selling author of The Millionaire Maker "This book gives you the inner inspiration and guidance to become wealthy, and the outer skills and actions you can take immediately to achieve all your financial goals." -Brian Tracy. Top selling author of over 45 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. People asked me how I got from brankrup to wealthy in less than two years. This book is the answer, offering a powerful combination of spiritual and practical tools while helping you change your thinking about money. It works in every case, no matter what your current financial situation is. The most complet book on financial success ! http://bankrupt2wealthy.com