Law of attraction: increase our vibratory rate

Law of attraction: increase our vibratory rate

Law of attraction: how to increase your vibratory power? You all know maybe, or maybe not, that to attract the best towards us, well it is important to have a positive energy, to vibrate at high frequencies, that is to say frequencies that are in gratitude, that are in appreciation, that are in happiness, in joy, etc., and to visualize exactly when one feels in these high vibrational frequencies. I’m giving you a trick to precisely be able to do this: when you want to visualize something that you want to obtain in life, put yourself in a situation that rightfully increase your vibratoinal level. Per example, yesterday, I went to play in the waves of the ocean, like a young girl, I really had a lot of fun, and I realized that it greatly increased my level of vibration. That joy, that enthusiasm, the waves, the jumps, etc. And I realized that,  it’s a perfect moment to visualize because my vibrational energy was really high. Do things like that, things that increase your vibrational energy – it can be to listen to great music, to dance, to sing, it can be to play a sport, to take a great walk, to talk with friends that you love, that love you, that encourage you, it can be to relax in your bath – it can be many, many things that will ensure that you are in a really good mood. Think about people that you love, of your kids, … And when you feel your energy lifting, therefore suddenly you are enthusiastic, you have gratitude, you are in high spirits, there, visualize the thing that you wanna obtain in life, and you will see, you will have way more field of attraction of that kind. I hope that it helps you answer that question.

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Law of attraction and tidying up

Law of attraction and tidying up

The importance of tidying up our household! So, I wanted to do a short video because I know a lot of people have accumulated a lot throughout the years, and hold on to all those objects they have accumulated that are really unnecessary. And in fact, at their home, it is a little bit messy because there are too many things and they don’t spend enough time to organize, store, discard, give, etc.

To have too many things, or to have things that are messy, when nothing is stored, nothing is organised, well, that brings the same messy style in your mind. By seeing this mess around ourselves over and over, we end up being as messy, as unorganized in our heads. When you look outside, if you always see chaos, with time you will also have chaos in your mind. And remember, tidying up, to organise, to discard, to give away, well that creates universal movement that allows flow to come back to you, the flow of universal abundance. You can have that flow circulate, by simply, one day, go have a look at things you have in your wardrobe, take everything that you haven’t worn in the past six months of the year or past year, and give them, give them away to a center that collects clothing for people who have nothing to wear. You will tell me “oh my god, but what will I do if I don’t have those garments?”. If you haven’t worn them in the past six months or past year, it is very likely that you won’t wear them again. Then, it also casts a bad sign to the Universe. You see, if, per example, you keep a garment by telling yourself “next time there will be a party or a special occasion, I will wear this old dress” – it’s a little bit weird, no? Instead, for sure, we would say “if there is a new occasion, a special occasion and all that, I will buy myself a new robe!” If you keep junk, it means you don’t trust the Universe enough that you will have enough, in the future, to dress yourself properly when there will be a good occasion to dress yourself properly.

Besides, don’t keep things for the perfect occasion, live it up, enjoy what you have. Don’t keep pretty sheets for the day where, perhaps, a day, you will put on pretty sheets; don’t use your beautiful crockery only when you have guests, treat yourself with your beautiful crockery regularly. You deserve it! Live in this beauty that you have accumulated around you. Then, empty your mind. Make space, it helps a lot. Throw away old papers, we keep papers, old invoices from ten years ago, stuff that makes no sense, that doesn’t bring us anything! Discard, discard, discard all junk that you don’t need and give those that can be used still that you don’t use anymore. Thus, you allow two laws of attraction: first, you empty your mind, so it will allow you to receive, which is extraordinary; and also, you’re giving generously and giving, is receiving. The more you will give, the more you will receive.

I hope this helps you, it will cause you to use the long weekends of May to clean up, to store… Besides, it’s amazing, it’s spring. It is time to do it, the spring cleaning, the big life cleanup! That way, you will attract a lot of pretty things, and I wish you all that. Thank you, and thank you for going on attractitude – go on and register and receive my seven free videos. Thank you!

Law of attraction: do we attract people with the same past as us?

Law of attraction: do we attract people with the same past as us?

I received this question from a reader who’s asking me: “I attract people that have lived the sames things as me, is that normal? Is it because I still haven’t cleaned my past that I still attract people like that, or why?”

Obviously, I do not know all the reasons in the universe because I am not the omniconscience, but what I can say with my humble understanding is that, yes, sometimes, we have a mirror effect, that is to say that we attract people who reflect our inner personality or things that we have not yet resolved internally or things that we hate about ourselves, and we will continously attract people like that until we clean it in ourselves, until we get ourselves out of it.

There is that, and then, there is also the fact that, sometimes, you attract people who have lived the same past as you, because you, you have already managed to surpass that past and so, you will be able to give them a lesson, to help them or to bring them towards a higher level, or really, to offer them something magnificient. It can be two reasons I see. But, actually, we have a tendency to attract people that have lived the same past – simply because the past is also part of our personality, so we will attract people that have developed a similar personality, and often similar pasts will – I’m not saying all the time, but often, sometimes – similar pasts will create similar personalities. And then, evidently, we are known for the company we keep, is this not, with the law of attraction.

So, I hope that answers your question and, of course, come on attractitude to know more. Thank you.

Law of attraction: do we attract negative friends?

Law of attraction: do we attract negative friends?

I got this question from a reader who told me “well, I understand clearly that with the law of attraction, in term of relationships, sometimes when we don’t love ourselves enough, we can attract the bad boy, but does that also apply to friendship? Is there a risk of attracting the wrong friends? I feel, since a few months, that is since I am working on myself, not comfortable at all with some of my relationships. Is it the change that frightens them, or is it my personality that bothers them the most? I’m not sure exactly what’s happening”.

So, to answers those two questions, first of all, yes, of course you attract the friends that you think you deserve, as in love. It is more or less the same for friendships, it is more or less the same for work relations also. At work, you will attract people that, in fact, vibrate on the same frequencies as you. When you are negative, you attract negative people and so, when you are positive, you attract people increasingly positive. What is interesting is that – it happens in most cases – when people are doing a work on themselves, they begin to work on the law of attraction, using my method or really taking classes to get better and really have a positive life, have a fullfiling life, well there are two things that happen. Either, the people that were negative around them disappear, do not give signs of life – it is kinda strange, but it happens; suddenly, phew, they evaporate – or they will, of course, there will be clashes. Why? Because the other has not change, so therefore the other expects that your personality, your way of being stays the same as before. So, they do not understand that suddenly you are becoming a positive person, they are not longer able, in fact, to identify with your way of being.

So, effectively, often, we lose a lot – we don’t lose in fact, our relations change when we improve. I was going to say “we lose people”, but we do not lose anyone because we never had them in the beginning. But, actually, there are relations that change. So, we must expect that, and then, we are not able anymore to be in negative environments; it is also a thing that happens when we love ourselves more and more, when our self-esteem raises, when our self-love raises, increases, we are not able to be in some negative ambiences anymore, we are not able to be treated negatively, we accept much less unacceptable actions, indeed, that we accepted previously because we didn’t have the courage to say what we thought. So, we have more courage to say that it doesn’t suit us. And then, of course, sometimes, to some people, it doesn’t make sense to say that it doesn’t suit – so then, there, for sure, they will go.

There, I hope it helps to answer this question. So, it is not your personality that bothers them – maybe it simply bothers them because you have now become positive and they remained as they were. There! Thank you for your question and I wish you the best in everything!

Law of attraction: what to do when it doesn’t work?

Law of attraction: what to do when it doesn’t work?

What to do when it doesn’t work right away? I’ve received a comment from someone that tells me: “I have tried to rehearse the law of attraction many times, it doesn’t work, and I do not understand why it doesn’t work for me. I would like it to work for me.” So, first of all, buy my program “Know everything to have everything”, it will work; because sometimes there are some sequences in which we must learn things, we have to do things for the law of attraction to function better. And beside that, even if you do not buy my program, I will give you this advice. Everytime that you doubt, everytime that you put things into question, everytime that you change opinions, everytime that you say “it doesn’t work”, or “I’ve asked for too much”, “I’m not sure that I really want it”, or “maybe I should change my mind”, or “I should change goals”, or “I do not deserve it”, or “for me, it never works”, … Everytime that you tell yourself such things, some sayings like that, it is like you take a step backwards. Maybe you are going forward and the law of attraction will start to affect things positively – it always works but this time, we’re talking about attracting positively – so maybe you are just in the process of attracting positively. Ad then, boom, you start to doubt, you start to question yourself, you start to say “oh no, it will not work, I won’t make it, I’ll never make it”, and well then, it’s as if you were taking a step backwards and then, for sure, the law of attraction will work.

In the beginning, of course, if during ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years you have been in negativity, you have attracted negative things in your life, well you should not expect – even if I’ve seen miracles, I’ve seen quite amazing things happen – you should not expect to see results overnight. It will take maybe a little bit more time. But, it is by pursuing in this positive attitude, and by using, there is really a method, there is really a method to follow your inner journey in order to attract only the best in life. Of course, if you do that, well with time, you will see, things will change little by little. But, do not put into questions, do not be scared, do not step backwards, because then, we go back from scratch.

So here, I hope it helps you in this matter. And for more information, certainly, go on attractitude!

Law of attraction: difference between alignment and vibration

Law of attraction: difference between alignment and vibration

What is the difference between alignment and vibration? Someone has asked me the question on the law of attraction – how to make the difference between being aligned with our source and vibrating? Vibrating, in fact, is really emitting positive energies: you will do it by gratitude, with positive thoughts, with positive unconditional loving emotions, by forgiveness, etc. Therefore, you will vibrate positively, it’s really an energy, through your words, through your thoughts: you’re vibrating. All that, it vibrates, it emits energies, it emits waves. And being aligned, it has a thing to do with vibration, but actually it’s more a state of letting go. When you are entirely aligned with your source, you do not need anything, you are already at a perfect state and you realize that you are living in relief already, that you already have everything inside of you; and that is a huge and deep state of internal well-being. That state of well-being, it is when you are completely in that attraction vortex, therefore things come to you so naturally that you do not need to go and question yourself or go out to get them or to desire them because you are already at the center of that positive gravity where all the best things come to you.

 Both are complimentary, it is preferable to always vibrate positively, but being aligned is when you are One with all your deepest desires but at the same time you realize that all those deep desires are already met somewhere inside of you because you already have that happiness or personal satisfaction.

 So, hopefully that anwsers part of the question.

 Thank you very much and if you want to know more, obviously, come take the course on the law of attraction. Thank you.

Change Your Life by Following the Rules of the Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you don’t seem to receive the things that you want? Do you ever feel like you are giving up everything you’ve got, and you don’t get anything in return? Well, if you are then you must know that you’re the one at fault. The rules of the law of attraction are clear, and you should follow them tightly if you want to manifest your dreams into reality. There is one very simple adage which stipulates that everything that comes and happens to you is attracted by you and you alone. Even the fact that you are reading this particular article has been caused by your own thoughts and desires. It’s as simple as this. All you need to do is exercise this rule throughout your everyday life, and you will quickly see how the Universe is going to respond to you.

Thought Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

One of the most powerful applications of the law of attraction is the ability to manifest your thoughts and turn them into a reality. In order to do so, there are quite a few things that you’d have to consider. Right off the bat, you would have to clear your mind entirely. Be in the moment because it’s all that matters. The past is never going to come back again, and you can’t chase the future. The universe is here, it’s now in the present – focus on it. Your thoughts have to be drawn to you, and you can only do so by entirely clearing your mind of every distraction.

Be Assured of Your Own Achievements

You have to think of the law of attraction as something that’s real, and that’s surrounding you every single moment. There is no better way to sending a message to the Universe than being self-assured. There is a fine line, though, and you must make sure not to cross it. You should be self-absorbed by your goals and dreams, but you must be a 100% certain of them. This is going to send out a clear message to the Universe that you are ready for them, that you deserve and want them to manifest – and so they will.

The Law of Attraction Is Around You

You have to keep in mind that your thoughts are going to have a crucial impact on whether or not you can accomplish the manifestation. But if you don’t – this doesn’t mean that the law of attraction isn’t working, not at all. Just on the contrary, you’ve managed to attract them not happening because you failed to be assured and certain of them.

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4 steps to Use the Law of Attraction to Get Anything You Want in Life

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe that can help you get anything that you want in life. The problem is not in the question of whether the law works or not but in how exactly to use it. Most of the information out there today leaves out some critical and important facts that you need to make it work.

Here are 4 tips that you will need on your journey to making the law of attraction work for you.

1. Decide what you want.

This is the first and most important step. Deciding what you want may be more difficult than you think. Why? Because you need to decide what you specifically want. Being specific about your manifestation is so important that this step will take you some time to decide.

Let’s take trying to manifest a new car as an example:

What make and model of car do you really want? 
What color is the car? 
What color is the interior? 
What type of engine does it have? 
What price will you pay for it? 

You get the picture. Just be as specific as possible when deciding what it is that you want.

2. State what you want in the form of an affirmation.

State your intention in the form of an affirmation and make it in the positive tense. There are different ways to write you intentions but for the sake of this article start with the basic and most efficient form: I am so happy and grateful I am.

Next fill in the blank with what it is that you want. So in our example of the car you can state:

“I am so happy and grateful that I am now the proud owner of a brand new black BMW 328xi coupe with black leather interior, 17 inch alloy wheels and tinted windows.”

3. Create the experience in your mind.

Now is the fun part. You need to create the experience in your mind in the form of a controlled daydream. This is called visualization and it is a very important part of the manifestation process. The art of visualization is the topic of another article so I am not going to go into detail here but let’s just state that you must visualize your outcome as if has already happened and you are in the driver seat of your brand new car.

See yourself through your own eyes walking out the door to go to work in the morning and hear the door click shut and feel the deadbolt latch as you lock your front door. You open your garage to see your brand new car waiting patiently for you on this warm summer morning. As you open the car door you can smell the fresh clean scent of your new car and you feel the smooth leather seats as you sit comfortably behind the wheel.

You then turn the key to hear the deep growl of the engine as you put the car into gear and pull out of your driveway and onto the street.

Feel the exhilaration as you wrap your hands around the steering wheel and mash you foot on the gas pedal. You hear the engine roar like a lion and the tires squeal as you dart ahead down the road.

See what I did here as we created the experience in your mind? Use all of your five senses. It makes the scenario seem real to your unconscious and it will involve your emotions. This is what makes the manifestation process actually come to life.

The key is to be sure to make the experience as real as possible.

4. Take action.

Okay this is the key point that most people miss. The guru’s will tell you to sit back and watch your intention magically come to you. That’s just not how it works. You need to be pro-active about your manifestation. Action produces results.

If you want to manifest that car that we talked about earlier then you need to start taking action to bring that car to you. Maybe you will find a way to earn the extra money to purchase the car or maybe you will even win the car as a prize in a drawing. The key point is to keep your eyes and ears open for the opportunity to arise and then take action.

If you are looking for that perfect relationship then get out and actually do something about it. Join an online dating service or join a new social group in your community. The point is to take some kind of action to make the process complete.

As you can see, the Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. Follow these four tips and you will be well on your way to making the Law of attraction work for you and you will be able to attract anything that you want into your life.

How to truly love yourself and why

The most important person in your life is you. And if you don’t love yourself,

you cannot expect other people to love you. When you love yourself you

see your inner beauty, which is incredible. You will become aware of what

an extraordinary person you are; because that is actually who you are. We

all have our limits and our flaws, but we need to know that we are

extraordinary. Repeat this to yourself every day and you will get better and

better. You life will become more pleasant.

We all make mistakes. That is how life is. Most people have been down

that road. They have made mistakes and failed too. The failures may be

financial, personal or love related. It makes no difference. But you are not

the only one. So forgive yourself. Nothing is so bad that it cannot be


It is important for you to be able to take care of yourself and to love yourself

completely and unconditionally. You are what you are today because of

your past. Accept that experience as a part of you.

Tell yourself to accept your past, because you are what you are today

because of your past. If your past had been different, you too would be a

different person today. Mistakes and failures of your past can become a

source of immense wealth and happiness for you.

It is important to remember that it is never too late to change and improve

yourself. Keep in mind that no matter how old you are, you are capable of

doing whatever you want. If you look at history you will see umpteen

examples that tell you everything is possible if you strive hard at it.

Ways to love yourself

 Compliment yourself. And mean it when you say it. It may take a

while but you are sure to come up with something good you can say

about yourself. Look in the mirror when you do this.

 Give yourself a hug. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the hug

spreading through your body.

 Write a love letter to yourself on the mirror. You can use a lipstick to

pen your message of love. Read it every day as you go about your


 Take a note book and write down five things you love about yourself.

Do this every day and read back on what you have written regularly.

 Think about what a wonderful person you are and smile. Spread the

joy of being and of your very existence.

 Your body is a temple. Love it by looking after it. Practice yoga. Go

for long walks, eat healthy. You will soon feel good about yourself.

 The same goes for the mind. Read literature that is thought provoking

and good. Stimulate your mind with good thoughts. Avoid negativity

of all kinds.

With increasing individual love, global love is sure to increase making our

planet a better place to live in.

Take back 100% control of your life

It is easy to blame the environment, the financial situation or a traumatic past whenever we are in a difficult situation. These are all just excuses we use to place the responsibility of all that is wrong in our lives on something or someone other than


If you sit down and meditate for a moment; think about all the times you have complained, you will realize that you are holding something or someone else responsible for your problems.

The fact of the matter is that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Successful people who thrive in all the aspects of life understand this concept and know they are responsible for what happens to them. By improving your skills at responsibilization, you can use the law of attraction to be truly powerful and get what is best for yourself.

It is not easy in the beginning. It is always so easy to blame your misfortunes on others.

It is important to understand that no matter who you are, everyone will experience a hardship at sometime or the other in their lives. No one is ever spared of it.

This is aptly put by Anthony Robbins who says that we wish to have surprises in our lives and love them but we want the surprises to be what we wish for. We rarely want a
surprise that is undesirable. And when we get surprises that we don’t like we label them as problems. According to Anthony, we need the good as well as the bad surprises in
order to grow.

Everyone experiences problems. But it all depends on how you interpret them; how you react to them. How you react to the problems is what defines you as a person.

The economic situation is the same for everyone. While some people succeed and make money, others fail and lose money. So it is not so much about the economic situation but about how you develop your skills to get by in the given circumstances.
It is not difficult to change, to alter the way you think the way you act. As human beings

our best quality is the fact that we are adaptable. We have the ability to learn quickly

and to modify our behavior at any given time. It is the neuroplasticity of our brain that

makes this possible. Therefore, it is not the surrounding environment that is responsible

for the way we choose to live, for the state of our minds or our financial state.

If you look closely at members of the same family who have experienced the same

trauma, you will see that each one reacts differently to the situation and its aftermath.

This behavior is the direct consequence of the way we perceive what we have suffered.

It all comes down to our choices, our reactions and our ideas. While it is true that the

environment makes events happen in our lives, it is we who actually attract them.

So why do we attract them? It is either because we need to learn something out of the

lessons we experience or because we have a bad opinion about ourselves and we think

we deserve what happens to us.

We always have a choice as to how we react to a situation. That makes us fully

responsible for what happens to us. There are no subscriptions for monthly anxiety;

neither are there shops where you can go and buy stress. It is you who cultivate these

feelings and emotions. It is we who are at the core of all attraction. When we assume

responsibility we retake control of our life.

By giving away the responsibility of what happens to us to the government, to our past

or our friends, we actually give away the power to change our lives and improve it.

Once you start taking responsibility and attracting 100% of what happens to your life,

you will realize you have the choice to change everything, starting with the events taking

place around you. You will soon have the power to change what you attract and then you can decide what to attract next.

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