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Slavica Bogdanov is an International success coach and public speaker. Slavica is also a best selling author who has publishedagold-author over 25 books, including 3 bestsellers, and whose expertise has helped thousands worldwide. Her life was always oriented in wanting to inspire others and achieve goals that many thought impossible. She has developed Attractitude as a web virtual coaching platform. Having studied for many years numerous authors about self development and success; she has combined her knowledge and experience and created a unique methods combining both spiritual and neurological scientific empiric processes.

Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica comes from a European family of entrepreneurs who believed hard working was the way to success. She moved to Canada where she completed a Master’s Degree at the University of Montreal. A serial entrepreneur, she has proven many times over and over that any dream is achievable with the proper method – and she has created one which she has since been teaching to the world, one country at a time.

For 15 years, she helped businesses improved their sales and portfolio. Top sales person at first, she quickly moved on to becoming a savvy business developer. For 3 years, she is marketing manager in the Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce in Ontario. She mostly worked to encourage funding for an animal sanctuary.

Inspire, motivate and empower as many people as possible to reach their goals, living the best most successful life imaginable

She likes to devote time in non for profit organization. She believes that being of service is her utter purpose in life. She wants to serve as many as possible in developing ways to have a better life.


She also has a passion for photography and painting. Her art is also mean to inspire and empower. It has been featured in expos in Montreal, Times Square in June 2012, and Art Fusion in Miami in 2014. Inspired by its colors, she has developed a new brand to help you attract the best into your life:

Slavica’s latest book, From Bankrupt to Wealthy, is the most comprehensive book written to date about achieving financial success no matter where you are financially. Slavica focuses on what she calls “the three pillars:” self-esteem, goal setting, and time management. Her method and life are about ”everything is possible.” With this life mantra, she works to inspire, motivate and empower as many as possible to live life to their fullest potential. She also encompasses the laws of attraction and prosperity, and developed her own method of commanding one’s brain to achieve success. She boasts a 95 percent success rate with her success coaching.

Slavica has a true passion for helping others and she can and will help transform your life if given the chance.




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