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and launch your kids to the best life possible

Give your kids the tools to reach any goal and realize any dream FOR FREE

If you had a magic wand and were able to offer your child all the best in life, what would you offer them?

  • Ability to earn an amazing income doing what they love

  • A career based on their passion

  • The best health possible

  • A love life and relationship that is the best that it can be

  • Live their true purpose in life

  • Peace of mind and stress free life

Any of these things is possible and your child CAN have a dream life with Attractitude-kids

Can you see where the current education system is failing us?

How many kids are left out of the system?

How many kids drop out of school?

How many are bullied?

How many even if successful in school, do not possess the tools they need to succeed in life?

Consider the stats…


Half of marriages in America end in divorce


Most people — 80% according to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey — are dissatisfied with their jobs.


33% of the American population is facing obesity problems.

With so many people struggling to get to the bare minimum in these areas, something is very, very wrong.

The good news: We are here to change all that and offer your kids the best tools to succeed not only in school but also in all aspects of their lives.

With the right tools: We offer you the best tools in quality in quantity for your kids to get everything he or she needs to live the best life possible, an outstanding life!


Attractitude-kids is one of a kind

With this complete program of 100 courses, your kids will:

  • Know exactly how to create goals and manage their time

  • Understand how to thrive in any economy

  • Be able to live an outstanding life

  • Become masters in problems solving

  • Controlling stress, fear and anxiety easily

  • Deal with their weight and eating properly

  • Manage their finances for life

  • Know how to stretch and relax to keep their body healthy

  • How to talk about difficult subjects like sex or drugs with you

  • Learn to listen and deal with others

  • Develop their self confidence

  • Learn to speak in public which is one of the biggest obstacles of most people success

  • Learn to overcome fears and obstacles

… and much much more

Never before made available

Are you willing to invest in your kids?

Will you commit to your kids having the best life possible

Here is your chance…

Your kids definitely need these SMARTS

The “Attractitude Kids” program is a complete suite of programs to address all areas of your child’s life!

Your child will learn how to…

Work & Finances Smarts

  • Find passion and purpose : It is best to start at an early age then to make the wrong choices!

  • Manage their time and money : Learn how to save and make budgets, understand the value of money and learn how to organize priorities.

  • Reach any goals : Learn successful methods that will empower them in planning and acting to get the most our of their time and efforts

  • Succeed in any economy : Learn skill sets that your kids can acquire at a very early age that will help them be ready for any circumstances life may throw at them

  • Healthy Eating: Learn how to develop healthy eating habits and get rid of excess weight

  • Fitness and Mindfulness  : Balance body and mind with tools and practical everyday exercises

  • Law of Attraction : Learn how to attract the best into their lives

Health & Wellness Smarts

Relationships & Emotions Smarts

  • Taboo subjects : Learn how to discuss sex and drugs with your kids to help them make the best choices in life

  • Bullying : Learn what to do if they are a victim of bullying, a witness or bullies themselves.

  • Intelligence emotions : Learn how to communicate to be understood and accepted

  • Develop the ability to solve problems : Learn to be pro-active

  • Balance both sides of the brain and develop the more creative side for more ability to think in terms of solutions

Everyday Creativity & Problem Solving Smarts

Invest in your kids...

SMART stands for:




Results based

Timely fashion…  goals

Anything is possible and we want to ensure that your kids have the best tools, most powerful tools and solutions to ensure success in every aspect of your child’s life

As an Attractitude ”smart” kid, they will learn:

  • To be the master of their destiny

  • To create powerful habits that will get them what ever they want in life

  • Know how to be successful in any economy

  • To be able to cope with fear and act despite of fear to achieve anything

  • To be able to find their purpose and find their path so that they live an amazing life

  • Learn how to make money with their passion and purpose

  • Learn hot to create a balance between friends, school and fun activities so they can succeed without feeling overwhelmed

  • Control their anger so they don’t do or say things that they might regret later on

  • Thrive in any circumstance and never be a victim to their circumstances

  • Understand and know how to use the power of spiritual tools like the law of attraction to attract the best into your child’s life

With over 100 classes, your kids aged 7 to 17 will acquire the best tools to achieve any goal and live the life of their dreams.

I guarantee it will be the best investment you ever made.

Your Kids Will…

Thrive in Any Economy

Know how to make money and save money in any economy.

Reach Goals and Dreams

Learn what successful people do so you can do it too.

Live Life on Purpose

be passionate about your life doing a job or work you love

Control Emotions

Know what to do in any stressful situation and learn how to cope with bullying.

Become 100% Self Confident

Develop an unstoppable attitude with high self-esteem


Acquire spiritual solutions to a life in harmony and peace of mind

Time Management

Learn how to organize priorities and balance school,social life and fun activities


Learn how to be understood and develop non violent communication.

Creative Thinking

Develop the ability to think in terms of solutions and find ways to solve problems.


A limitless source of inspiration

“I am profoundly thankful to the Universe to have guided me to this coaching at a moment in my life when I needed so desperately. I found a well of information so fascinating and a limitless source of inspiration, condensed energy and motivation. Thank you for your dynamic personality, your spiritual enlightenment, your human quality and your high integrity.”  -Violette from France

florenceYou saved my kid’s life and mine too!

“It was such an honnor to partake in your program and meet you in person. knowing you was a revelation. You are my strength, my motivation. You are the only one who believed in me. Thanks to you I got out of a depression, and so did my daughter. Thank you for the love you give.  Thank you for believe in us and giving us hope. You are, after my kids, the best gift I received. You are so full of love, kindness and generosity. Thank you” -Florence from Geneva

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