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Finally your kids will be able to learn all that is not taught in school! All in one place- no more searching for special classes all over the place!

Attractitude-kids will offer over 100 audio et video programs for you and your kids to enjoy in the comfort of your home: Dealing with stress, weight, family relationship, sexuality, success and much much much more...

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Here is the list of the classes offered in this package:

Spirituality and Personal Development

  • How to use the law of Attraction
  • Learn how to create a powerful visionboard
  • Developing your intuition
  • NLP for kids
  • Learn to meditate
  • How to pray even when not religious
  • Developing self-love
  • How to accept your body and love yourself how you are
  • Learn to develop your gratitude and use it to get what you want
  • Learn to create powerful affirmations
  • 50 EFT for all aspects of your life
  • Becoming a hero
  • Finding you guardian angel
  • Feng Shui for kids
  • Living with loss
  • Practicing ho'oponopono
  • Learning from the power of generosity
  • Using the power of Intention

Success and Finances

  • Learn to manage your time
  • Learn how to solve problems
  • Learn to save money
  • Learn how to take the right decisions
  • Developing entrepreneurial habits
  • Learning to set goals
  • Planing your success
  • Developping the ability to learn faster
  • Develop your memory
  • Learn to budget and organise your finances
  • Developing your creativity
  • Developing the habits of the rich and successful
  • Finding your passion and your purpose
  • Learn to dream big and to transform those into reality
  • Getting out of your box and having an open mind
  • Learn to make money
  • Developing self confidence
  • Learn public speaking
  • Learn the art of selling

Health and well being

  • Learn to get rid of excess weight for good
  • Learn to eat real good food and avoid poisons
  • Manage your anger
  • Learn to heal
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Learn about sexuality (can be for girls with mothers and dads with sons)
  • Learn how to breathe properly

Relations to others

  • Improve your relationship between you and your parents
  • Learn to use emotional intelligence
  • Know how to get heard
  • Learn how to manage relationships with your teachers
  • KNow how to manage first love relationship (finding the right partner, the first heart brake, how to stay protected, how to be seductive)


  • Learn about music
  • Learn to draw and paint
  • Learn to write essays and novels

You will be able to download all these classes all year as they come out.

Purchased separately, these classes will be worth over $8,500 in total.

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I decided to offer them all for only $997

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